Glossary Of Terms


Advance Shipping Notice


The Bill of Lading


The carrier transports goods from our client to our warehouse and vice versa.


Product identification


The client’s customer


Combine two or more shipments going in the same direction or to the same destination on a single trailer


Product or orders that are brought into the warehouse to be stored on the dock until forwarded onto another carrier within a day or two.

Cycle Counting

The physical counting of portions of inventory on an on-going basis.

Dead Stock

Product that has been in inventory for an extended period of time without being moved or ordered.

Distribution Center

Centers are warehouse facilities that store, manage, and ship inventory on behalf of its clients.


Electronic Data Interchange


Inventory allocation method: First In, First Out


First-in, last-out system of inventory.


The picking and processing of orders for shipping from a distribution or warehouse.


Assembly of product or parts within the warehouse

LIFO (Last In, First Out)

Inventory allocation method that selects newest inventory first.


The processes and services associated with planning and implementing flow of storage and shipments in a 3rd Party operation.


Occupational Safety & Health Administration, a branch of the US Department of Labor.


A warehouse operation that involves picking individual items from cases and putting them together a carton or pack for shipment.


Proof Of Delivery; a signed bill of lading.


Packaging material differently than how it arrived.

RMA or RGA Number

Return Material Authorization or Return Goods Authorization. Usually a number supplied by the client authorizing the return of product from a consignee.


Standard Operating Procedures standardized by the government EPA Office.

Value Added Services

Extra services that a distribution center will perform in order to meet the needs of their customers. Typically refer to special assembly, packaging, or picking services

Our Service Standards

  1. We are available to talk, email or personally meet our customers at any time during any business day. You can even contact Cimetra on several social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google or YouTube.
  2. We aim to anticipate the needs of all customers by working proactively to meet their shipping budgets and deadlines.
  3. We are consistent and dependable with our customer services.
  4. We pride ourselves with an excellent rate of accuracy in our services.
  5. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all our customers.
  6. We provide guaranteed satisfaction to all our customers.
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