About Cimetra Logistics

Founders, Patricia & Marvin Jensen on their
50th Wedding Anniversary
Cimetra is a family owned business, first establishing its roots within the small town of Chazy in upstate New York. With the vision of the original founders, Marvin and Patricia Jensen, they began their electronic assembly and freight-forwarding business from their home in 1977. Now, almost four decades later, and in its second management generation, the company’s vision and 3PL services have grown, handling our customers’ freight in many different ways in many different aspects of the supply chain.

Even as far back as the early 1970’s, as more and more Canadian companies saw their USA markets grow, the need for international freight handling services became a major inspiration to the growth of service companies all along the Canadian and American borderline. The Champlain/Lacolle borderline was no exception. Today Cimetra competes with many companies growing in every town from Champlain to Plattsburgh NY. However, with four decades of experience, Cimetra handles our customers with care and provides them with unique solutions to many of their supply chain problems. Outsourcing your warehouse and personnel needs is your answer.

Marvin and Patricia with daughters,
Melanie, Cindy & Tracey
We fulfill our customers’ Amazon, Home Depot, Groupon, NoMoreRack and Zulily online orders, as well as fulfill our customers’ direct orders from their inventory stored in our warehouse. We provide services from Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) to inventory control. Cross Docking is becoming a more frequent need lately with the amazing growth of online orders. But one of our larger and forever growing divisions is our Returns Merchandise Service Department.

As early as 2009, our vision grew as we saw these same outsource warehousing needs for third party logistics services in the south. After much research, Nashville, TN became the home of our subsidiary company, Cimetra Warehousing & Distribution, establishing its foundation there in October 2010.

Little unknown fact: Cimetra is an acronym for the three daughters of the original owners: Cindy, Melanie and Tracey.


Cimetra LLC

8396 State Route 9
West Chazy NY 12992-2718
Phone: (518) 846-7606
Fax: (518) 846-7617
eMail: [email protected]

Our Service Standards

  1. We are available to talk, email or personally meet our customers at any time during any business day. You can even contact Cimetra on several social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google or YouTube.
  2. We aim to anticipate the needs of all customers by working proactively to meet their shipping budgets and deadlines.
  3. We are consistent and dependable with our customer services.
  4. We pride ourselves with an excellent rate of accuracy in our services.
  5. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all our customers.
  6. We provide guaranteed satisfaction to all our customers.
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