Our Testimonials

Lawrence K.

We started with Cimetra in 1977 – can it really be over 46 years already? Cimetra has been taking care of our freight forwarding since then. When we became ISO9001 and took over our own manufacturing, Cimetra continued the freight forwarding, always 100% dependable and prompt. Their great service and support is always appreciated.

Janis C.

Thanks. You have helped us improve our response time for sample requests for our U.S. customers.

Tracey D.

I've been working with the Cimetra team for a couple of years now. At all times they have been professional, courteous, prompt and accurate with our orders. They will even go the extra mile to get rush orders shipped even if our deadlines have come and gone.

Walter M.

The Cimetra team is amazing! Rarely, have I worked with a company that makes evolving and growing such an easy project! They are always ready to work hard and go through any problem you might encounter! Cimetra is able to tackle the unique needs of our company. Great work!

Brenda P.

Cimetra is a company we have been working with since February 1999, they are responsible, courteous and reliable, I would recommend their services to anyone.

Stephen M.

We have used Cimetra services for over 15 years with TOTAL SATISFACTION. Cimetra is prompt, Courteous and very helpful.

Dr. Sultana K.

I would like to thank the entire Cimetra team for their outstanding customer service and diligence as to the task at hand. The staff is wonderful, always ready to help and problem-solve whatever the situation. Thank you again to Cimetra.

Angela S.

The staff at Cimetra has been very helpful for us in our new business venture. The world of shipping and receiving is all new to us and Cimetra has been very knowledgeable about our shipping options and the related cost savings. They are also a quick problem-solver, having handled some very unexpected arrivals at their dock!

Michael W.

So far I am glad to have dealt with Cimetra and we would like to thank their staff for the awesome service we got from them.

Fabrice O.

Thanks to Cimetra for all the help they provide to our company. They allow us to grow and to facilitate our relations with our customers!

Rammie K.

We have been partnering with Cimetra for US warehousing and fulfillment. During that time they have executed operations extremely efficiently and expediently with virtually no errors. The US market is very important to us and we are secure in the sense that our operations and logistics are being well represented and handled by Cimetra as we try to grow in this exceptionally competitive market.

It continues to be a pleasure to work with Cimetra’s crew and we look forward to continuing our partnership with continuously expanding opportunities knowing that Cimetra will always have our best interests at heart and will continue to deliver excellent service.

Tina M.

We have been dealing with Cimetra for 3 years. I have never dealt with a company as dedicated as these people, like Cindy who gives you the confidence and trust with your merchandise. It’s a company who cares and advises you before making a decision on how and when to ship your merchandise.

This is a company in whom we can count on. I firmly recommend this company for shipments coming in to Canada.

Christine C.

Thank you for your dedication to our company over the last few yew years. Your attention to detail, shipping and of course customer service is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come. Keep up the great work!


Our Service Standards

  1. We are available to talk, email or personally meet our customers at any time during any business day. You can even contact Cimetra on several social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google or YouTube.
  2. We aim to anticipate the needs of all customers by working proactively to meet their shipping budgets and deadlines.
  3. We are consistent and dependable with our customer services.
  4. We pride ourselves with an excellent rate of accuracy in our services.
  5. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all our customers.
  6. We provide guaranteed satisfaction to all our customers.
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